The satellite tracks a fleet of U.S. carriers launching Black Hawk helicopters to invade a city somewhere in the Middle East. A TV station is pinpointed as it tracks Sgt. Paul Jackson of the U.S.M.C., 1st Force Recon.

Vasquez: Marines! Spotters have a possible fix on Al-Asad in a building at the west end of this town. We're gonna secure the perimeter and grab Al-Asad. Oorah? Lock and load!

Persian Gulf Coast, near Qatar and Kuwait, Middle East

Sgt. Paul Jackson starts in a Black Hawk carrying a task force of Marines invading a city to capture Al-Asad.

Black Hawk Pilot: ... coming into view. (Someone confirm his lines, please)

Female Pilot: Copy Striker 2-4

Black Hawk Pilot: ... ten seconds.

Female Pilot: Copy.

As they approach the docks and the city, gunfire and RPG fire attempt to shoot down the choppers to no avail.

Black Hawk Pilot: Taking fire here.

Female Pilot: Roger that. We got RPGs down there.

More RPGs and machine gun fire attempt to shoot them down.

Black Hawk Pilot: Shit, that was close.

Female Pilot: Got a visual on the target.

Black Hawk Pilot: Five seconds. Standby for ...

Vasquez: Get on the rope! Go go!

Marine: Go go go!

They reach the LZ and the Marines rappel down from the choppers.

Vasquez: 2nd squad on me to the target building! Move!

Some Marines can be seen laying out barb wire fences to block the street.

Marine: Move it, move it! Set up the blocking position! Let's go!

Lt. Vasquez, Jackson, and 2nd squad move towards a building.

Vasquez: There's the target building! Left side door breach! Stack up!

They stack up at the door. Vasquez/a Marine places a breaching charge on the door.

Vasquez: Blow the charge!

The charge explodes. They breach the building.

Marine: Breaching, breaching!

Vasquez: Go Go Go!

They take out the first soldiers.

Marine: Clear!

Vasquez: Jackson, take point.

Jackson moves further into the building and encounters more OpFor.

Vasquez: Jackson, throw a flashbang!

Jackson tosses a flashbang into a room and clears it.

Vasquez: All callsigns, check the bodies. We need a positive ID on Al-Asad.

Marine: Negative ID over here Sir.

Marine: No sign of Al-Asad here Sir.

Vasquez: (on radio) HQ, this is Red Dog. Target building is secure but we don't have Al-Asad, over...(after receiving new orders)...Roger that, HQ. Out...(To the squad) Heads up! I just got word Al-Asad is broadcasting half a click east of here at a TV station. We're gonna move out on foot and take down the package there. Move out.

They fight through the streets and make their way to the TV station.

Marine: Heads up! Friendlies at your six!

They reach the TV station.

Vasquez: Target building in sight.

Marine: We've got the TV building locked down and surrounded, Sir.

Vasquez: Good. Get in position and breach.

The team stacks up to the entrance. Vasquez plants a breaching charge.

Vasquez: Do it!

The breach explodes.

Marine: Breaching, breaching!

Vasquez: Go go go!

They enter the central room. After a long fight, they clear up and move forward.

Vasquez: Room clear! Move up! Al-Asad should be on the second floor!

They move further into the TV station. M1 Abrams tanks are seen rolling down the streets.

Marine: Yeah, there goes out boys.

SSgt. Griggs and his squad come out of the foyer.

Griggs: Hold your fire! Friendlies coming out!

Griggs' squad groups with Vasquez.

Griggs: No sign of Al-Asad, sir.

Vasquez: All right. Fall in, Marines. Stay frosty.

They head up the roof of the building.

Griggs: Watch your six, Devil Dog.

They stack up outside the door to the broadcasting studio. Al-Asad can be heard inside the room.

Griggs: I think he's in there. I hear him.

Vasquez: Do it!

A Marine shoots the door hinges with a shotgun and kicks down the door. They enter the room, but it is empty.

Marine: Clear!

Marine: He's not here.

Marine: Room clear!

Marine: (referring to the broadcast of Al-Asad) It's on a loop...the broadcast is a recording.

Griggs: Yeah...Score one for military intelligence!

Vasquez: Griggs, turn that off.

Griggs: Roger that. I got something better anyway.

Vasquez: Command, this is Red Dog. The TV station is secure but there's no sign of Al-Asad. The broadcast is a recording, over... Roger that, Command. Out. Marines! Rally up! We got a new assignment. Get your gear, and get ready to move out! Let's go!

Griggs turns off the broadcast recording and puts on a rap song.

Griggs: Yeah. Oorah...