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An exterior view of the Spirit of Fire. Cutter starts talking, in the middle of a discussion already.

  • Captain Cutter: "'s an energy shield that they can deploy on the planet."
  • Anders: "Yes, Captain. We can't see through it, but the Covenant are up to something."
  • Captain Cutter: "Agreed, we need to find out what that is, can we use the ships cannons and take it out directly?"
  • Anders: "We may destroy whatever's under there. Covenant shield technology is susceptible to superheated plasma. Aren't we field testing some plasma-based Rhinos?"
  • Serina: "Pillar of Autumn inventory shows they have some prototypes."
  • Anders: "It might take some time to get the right power settings. I'll need to be on the ground to do that."
  • Captain Cutter: "Professor, Sergeant Forge, let's get that shield down!"
  • Forge: "Ugh, babysitting again?"

Anders gives Forge a quick smile.


  • Forge: "Well, this little field trip is a bust! Anders, is there anything out here except for that big alien dome thing?"
  • Anders: "Scans seem clear, shall we see what's inside?"

A Rhino approaches firing position and opens fire, hitting the dome shield. Covenant air units begin to appear and attack the Rhino.

  • Forge: "Looks like we only shook the beehive, we got multiple bogeys inbound."

The Banshees destroy the Rhino on screen.

  • Forge: "Any more bright ideas, Anders?"
  • Anders: "Data from the shelling proved we're on the right track, but we'll need to simultaneously launch from multiple Rhinos."
  • Pillar of Autumn: "Harvest Surface Command, Pillar of Autumn. Request for plasma Rhino is approved. Rhino is inbound."
  • Anders: "The Rhino has arrived, get it to Position One."

The Rhino gets to its position.

  • Anders: "I'll take control of that Rhino to calibrate the shots."
  • Forge: "Rhinos are expensive, I've called for some ODSTs to protect this one."
  • Anders: "I've marked Second Position, request another Rhino and get it to that site."

The mark appears on map

  • Forge: "Ooh, perfect! There's a stinkin' Covenant outpost right where you marked! We'd better take that out first."

Response to Rhino request

  • Pillar of Autumn: "Rhino LRA plasma augment, on its way."
  • Forge: "We should take out those Covenant buildings that are reinforcing their position."
  • Forge: "The area's secure, get a Rhino in place!"
  • Anders: "Rhinos are in position and ready to fire, firing Rhinos in 3, 2, 1..."
  • Forge: "Not much effect, but it looks like we're makin' some progress."
  • Anders: "I've marked the third position."

Response to Rhino request

  • Pillar of Autumn: "Request for plasma Rhino received, it's en route."
  • Forge: "We're gonna need a transport to get the Rhino to that position."

Response to Rhino request

  • Pillar of Autumn: "We'll have that Rhino on the ground in no time."

With the combined fire from all three plasma Rhinos the shield begins to falter, when multiple Locust show up

  • Forge: "Holy hell, they have Locusts!"
  • Anders: "Hmm, my calculations show that two more Rhinos will be necessary to open up a hole big enough, the final two positions have been marked."
  • Forge: "The Covenant must have figured out what we're doing, we're going to need a larger force to take those locations."

Rhino gets to position.

  • Anders: "Only one more Rhino to get into position."
  • Anders: "Cross your fingers! Firing all Rhinos in 3, 2, 1..."

A section of the dome shield falters and opens up

  • Anders: "The dome power supply is overloaded, we got it!"

Gameplay changes to MAC crossairs

  • Serina: "MAC is coming online, single turret available."
  • Forge: "Alright, the dome generators and the air defenses are the main targets. Light 'em up!"

MAC opens up. After a few rounds, Serina takes charge.

  • Serina: "MAC fully online, all rounds loaded, I'll take out the remaining structures."
  • Forge: "Nice work. Let's get down there and see what the Covenant found so damn interesting."

Level ends.